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Landing page
We make sure that the user accurately completes the target action.
of $1 500
Online store
"Purchase in one click" - will become your new reality, not an advertising slogan.
of $10 000
Multipage Website
of $5 000
We rely on logical site navigation, shortening the customer’s path to purchase.
Ad creation
of $1 500
We drive relevant traffic from Paid Search and Paid Social Media Marketing to your website.
Express design
We create and launch a selling landing page in 10 days without edits at a fixed price.
of $900
SEO optimization
of $1 500
We promote your site´s position in Google search results.
Let’s enjoy the process of work together?
Sites on the constructor are created quickly
We spend more time for analysis and content packaging, not for programing. It helps you to invest your money and time in other business development tasks.
Not like everyone else
We spend more time for analysis and content packaging, not for programing. It helps you to invest your money and time in other business development tasks.
Access to changes 24/7
We provide a set of tutorials, thanks to which you will be able to make changes by yourself. We are always here for you, and the first 2 months — without extra charge.
Step by step, we:
your business
Delve into
your target audience
the design project
Think over
a content
support without additional fee
Keep in touch
any of your task
to maximize your profit
/Marketing services
Date Agency
/Digital agency
Creative Digital Labs
/ Multifunctional Center
MFK Moskow
/Digital agency
Creative Digital Labs
/ Multifunctional Center
MFK Moskow
/Marketing services
Date Agency
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/Dance studio
Fanky Family
/Сoffee house
Monkey Grinder
/investment and development
Nasha Kompaniya
/Product packaging
/Aqua fest
Akvatoriya Beringa
/KVN league
Vremya Pervoj
/Kid `s camp
Clear work stages
Collecting all information from you and transform it into a tasks
Studing your competitors, analyzing and use the findings when creating a site
Creating of a website prototype
Drawing your uniqie design
Connecting all requirement animation
We engaging in adaptive layout
You approve the final version of the site
We connect it with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
We organise site management training for you
Admin acсess
Thanks to free access to the technical part of the site, you do not have to hire a developer, you can do it by yourself. The constructor has the most intuitive and understandable system, which even a child will understand.
I don't like the result
We do not work for the assembly line, but for your individuality. Our priority is to meet the needs of your business with our experience and skills. If we “do not hit the goal” the first time, then we carry out the analysis again - we select references and discuss the problem again. We are not afraid to admit mistakes and work on them.
The site will not be promoted by SEO
It is a myth that sites on the constructor are poorly promoted in terms of SEO. In short, the constructor offers plenty of possibilities. To be specific, the platform has the ability to prescribe and mark up headers, meta-data, set canonical, transfer the site to a secure protocol (https), prescribe 301 redirects (from www and https), prescribe OG markup, close pages from indexing, create an xml sitemap. Plus, websites are responsive by default and without duplicates.
Sites on the code are cheaper
Yes, and from newbie freelancers - many times cheaper. However, sites based on code are difficult to manage. And the designer is simple. You can independently change blocks and content for A/B tests. Create new blocks and pages and fill in the cards of the online store.
Website on the constructor should not be expensive
We make a unique design with animation, cool graphics and illustrations. Our sites are not similar to each other, and doesn´t look like sites, which were assembled according to a template. Therefore, we allow ourselves to evaluate our work dearly.
Let´s grow together!
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