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Cases 369
PPC advertising for modern children's camp Anticamp
4 weeks and ROI of 5,747%.
B2B case study on advertising construction contracting services. Digital platform SUBCHIK.RU
The whole of Russia learned about them.
Promotion of the service for the selection of distance learning universities and colleges in Russia
CPL 114 ₽ in education.
Reporting period in accounting, the heat of the search
And the magic of the quiz.
Hot demand and CPL 218 ₽.
Contextual advertising services for the production of electronic digital signatures.
Going online
Collection of requests for services for the preparation of documents for financial reporting.
The quiz and the chatbot are converts.
Creativity, outreach orientation, and 1st place in the Best Activation for a Cultural Brand category.
International exhibition "Come and go!"
The case of the promotion of the author's counseling child and family psychologist.
How to prevent a child's tantrums?
SUBCHIK.RU is a search service for construction contractors throughout Russia.
Search traffic growth by 7x
Geoprojectsyzkaniya company in the top 10
for engineering surveys.
SEO to the leader of the surveying industry of the Russian Federation
The premium class house "MFK Moskva" is in the TOP 1
in the city of Perm.
A place in the top 1
Now you know exactly where to buy a boat or yacht
in St. Petersburg.
33% of queries in the top 3 and 57% in the top 10
The case of promotion of the site to the top 3
for all high-frequency queries.
Security company "NikSon"
Increase in search traffic of the agency
for the sale of marquees and pavilions PRAKTIKA.
From 0 to 200 visitors per month
Interior Glass Workshop
Increase of recognition in search engines
5 times per quarter.
The rapid growth of the site after 2 months of SEO-optimization.
The case of bringing the site to the top 1 for all queries.
Marshall CS Dining Room
Investment in SEO-optimization paid off tenfold.
Demand detection, custdev, mvp and startup. Application installation from 10.60 ₽.
Mobile App Whaka-Tika
Premium Fitness Club World Class
Fulfillment of KPIs within tight deadlines, 462 leads, 1,800,000₽ of revenue in the first month.
Accounting services
The task was to find accountants to perform outsourced tasks. We brought 892 leads in 1 month.
Attracted applicants to Perm universities
Reached over 500,000 users and received 908 leads to increase awareness.
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