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Helping businesses grow and reach wider audiences
Sending companies to space due to our SEO-optimisation, drawing in clients through contextual advertisments on Google, attracting traffic through social media.
We work differently — using a sprint system
A single sprint (amounts to) 5 working days. Main pool of tasks consists of 5 sprints, during which you will receive your first results.
What is a sprint?
Each sprint has clearly defined deadlines
and a checklist of goals.

Everything is clear
and comprehensive.
We provide only the necessary tools
for promoting/developing (your business), we dont sink the budget and support constant feedback.

Participation of the client along every step — that, is what really matters!
Here is the project structure
Client roadmap:
Meeting, filling out the brief, target set-up
We dive into your product, feeling your pain and offering optimal tools for achieving KPI.
We audit past/current activity
Studying historical data, defining the full checklist of targets for immediate sprints.
Preparation for launch
Collecting all necessary/required* materials, writing texts; drawing creatives with messengers, which will fall
in the heart of your CA*?
Launch and testing
Beginning to work on attracting conversion traffic. Sometimes searching for a strategy takes time (not every project is an instant success), other times you just have
to put in the  work. Neither of those intimidate us.
Analytics, reporting, planning
Matching received data, summarising work with specific numbers and their justification. giving recommendations
for optimising current activities and completing them, within the next month.
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Should we start with an audit?
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